Know your rights

Getting involved in their child’s education is among the most important things a parent of a child with IDD can do to make sure that their child gets the supports and services he/she needs throughout their school career.   Children with IDD are  entitled to receive additional services or accommodations through the public schools.  Specifically, federal law mandates that every child receive a free and appropriate public education that includes fair evaluation, ambitious goals, challenging objectives, the right to progress, individualized supports and services, high quality instruction, and access to the general education curriculum in age-appropriate, inclusive settings.

Parents have a right to be a part of every decision regarding your child’s education, including the process of finding out if your child needs special services.  Although the process can be confusing and intimidating,  parents should always feel comfortable advocating for their child and take necessary steps to make sure their child receives appropriate services.  Your CCO Care Manager can assist you in understanding your/your child’s rights and in navigating the Special Education system.

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