Overview – “Enrolling in Disability Services” (Video)

This video was developed by LIFEPlan, one of the MyCompass partner CCOs, but the the process to access care coordination and other OPWDD supports and services as described in this video is the same regardless of which CCO you choose to work with.  

Most of the 120,000 people living in New York State with an intellectual and/or developmental disability will have the need for support throughout their lifetime, and they want the same things in life that everyone wants.

  • They want to be able to live where they want to live and choose who they live with.
  • They want to contribute to and participate in their communities.
  • They want to develop meaningful relationships with family and friends.
  • They want the ability to make choices and have a voice in their future.
  • They want to lead a life that is not defined by a disability or medical label, but instead is defined by their choices and actions.
  • They want and expect quality, integrated, and compassionate healthcare from experienced providers who understand their unique medical and long-term support needs.
  • They want fairness and equity.
  • Families need to know that their loved ones will be supported when they are no longer able to be their caregiver.

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