Step 5 – Develop & Implement Your Life Plan

Developing Your Life Plan

Your Care Coordination Organization (CCO) Care Manager will work with you, and any other people you think should be involved, to develop your Life Plan using what is called a “person-centered” approach – meaning that the Life Plan will reflect your specific goals, interests and preferences.  He or she will document in your Life Plan the supports, services and community resources you need and how you will get them.  Be sure to share with your Care Manager your interests, services and supports that you already receive, as well as supports from your family and community, what you are currently doing, and your plans for the future. Be honest and accurate – the more your Care Manager understands you and your needs, the better your Life Plan will be.  Your Care Manager will request OPWDD approval for the services you need and will help you identify, contact, and choose agencies to deliver the services and supports listed in your Life Plan.

You, the person receiving services, are at the “center” of your Circle of Support.  Your “Circle of Support” includes the people you choose, and may include family members, friends, or other people important to you. Your circle can be as small as you and your Care Manager, or can be larger. Your circle meets regularly to work with you to develop a plan for the supports and services you want, to evaluate the success of your current plan, and to make changes to your plan when necessary.

Your Care Manager focuses planning on your needs and interests, drawing input from you and your Circle of Support. Everyone works cooperatively to develop a personalized plan of services for you.

Implementing Your Life Plan

Coordination of your supports and services is the job of your Care Manager. He or she also will ensure follow-up on medical appointments, communication between providers and that your services are in line with the goals in your Life Plan.  The creation of your Life Plan is designed with the information taken from an assessment that your Care Manager completes with you, your Developmental Disabilities Profile (DDP2) and the Coordinated Assessment System (CAS) summary (DDP2s and CAS Assessments are standardized tools required by OPWDD.  DDP2s are completed by CCO Care Managers and/or IDD Service Providers.  CAS Assessments are completed by OPWDD through a company called Maximus).

Your Care Manager will then share his or her knowledge of available resources to help you make informed choices. He or she will make referrals, find service providers, offer housing options — help you do what you want to do. He or she also will coordinate how you receive your supports, including through both natural supports and funded services.

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